For those wondering about the emergence of Landcare as a national movement, and the formation of Landcare NSW, historian Virginia Macleod has compiled a very readable history.
In June 2019, Dr Adrian Zammit, Chief Executive Officer, Landcare NSW wrote in the forward to this publication:
“In the year we release this history, 2019, it is 30 years since the late Bob Hawke announced the ‘Decade of Landcare’ during his tenure as Prime Minister of Australia. It was a moment in time that inspired the formation of thousands of community groups across the nation who to this day are working to change the management of the environment and our natural resources. Despite the massive success of Landcare, the environmental challenges we face on every level remain daunting and the need for Landcare is stronger than ever. I hope this history inspires a new generation to get behind Landcare and work together to undertake the transformational change needed to protect and restore the natural environment which sustains us.”
You can access the complete publication here:
A History of Landcare NSW 2007-2019