The meeting of the 13 December 2017 was attended by all members of the Executive and was chaired by the President, Barry Powells.

New Members

The Executive received and approved four new membership applications.

Events for 2018

Outreach activities are one of the major ways that Landcare volunteers can demonstrate their activities and purpose to the local community. At the meeting the Executive identified at least 8 community events to attend as a stallholder/participant over the coming 12 months. The focus of each display will depend on the location, and the theme of the event. Local members will be invited to volunteer and assist with these events. (Details of upcoming events will be published in the CHRL Newsletter)


The constitution review is continuing and it is anticipated that a revised draft will be ready for consideration by the Executive in February, prior to being put to a vote at the General Meeting in May 2018.


As part of good governance practice, CHRL operates under a range of policies that are reviewed and updated from time to time. At this meeting the Vice President presented a draft financial management policy, based on a template policy from Landcare Australia. The Executive resolved to adopt the policy and will be reviewing other policies in the new year, including its risk management policy.

First-Aid Kits

CHRL provides first-aid kits to site coordinators for all volunteer work sites. It is an ongoing necessity to make sure that all first-aid kits are kept up-to-date, well stocked and in good condition. After consideration of several options, the Executive resolved to replace all first-aid kits every two-years, and in between times continue to restock items at the request of site coordinators. This will help to ensure all sites have adequate first-aid supplies. The new kits will be rolled out to all sites in February 2018. Site coordinators should return their old kits and pick up their new one when requested by the office.


The Executive noted that it is still waiting the outcome of a number of funding applications.


CHRL employs three part-time staff to manage and administer the projects and work of the organisation. At the December meeting the Executive resolved to pay staff a 2.5% salary increase to align with a recent 2.5% salary increase under the Local Land Services Award 2013. The Executive has also tasked a sub-committee with reviewing other matters relating to conditions of employment.


The Executive reviewed the November finance report, and a quarterly budget review report, confirming that the organisations current program of works is fully funded.

Barry Powells President and Chair Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare Incorporated