The meeting of the 14 February 2018 was attended by seven members of the Executive and was chaired by the President, Barry Powells.

New members and sites

The Executive approved four new membership applications and an application to establish the Fuller Street Dunecare site.

Nursery sub-committee established

The CHRL currently operates a nursery at Woolgoolga, located in the grounds of the Woolgoolga High School, and employs a part-time coordinator to manage the nursery. The nursery also has a team of volunteers that help with the planting and care of the plants. A number of operational and strategic issues with the nursery were raised with the Executive including how to match propagation with long term site planning, ongoing funding for the nursery, species selection, distribution of seedlings to Landcare sites and managing planting out with site owners. The Executive has formed a sub-committee to investigate these matters and report back to the Executive later in the year.

Sub-committee reports

The meeting heard from the Constitution Sub-committee and HR Sub-committee.

The Constitution Sub-committee reported delays to finishing the new draft of the constitution and proposed that it be considered by the Executive at the March 2018 meeting. This was agreed by the Executive.

The HR Sub-committee presented an update of a revision to a position description to better reflect changes in staff workload.

Myna bird trapping program

The Executive discussed ways to extend the Myna bird trapping program. It was reported that currently there are 10 active traps in operation, with remaining funding for the program due to be spent by June 2018. Continuation of the program over the last few years has resulted in the Myna bird population in the region being kept in check. The program is currently limited by the number of volunteer coordinators to distribute and manage the traps. The Executive discussed ways to recruit new volunteer coordinators, particularly around Emerald Beach and Corindi. Approaching these communities for volunteer coordinators through local community Facebook pages will be trialled by the Executive over the next month.

“Return and Earn Scheme” Audit

The Executive endorsed CHRL staff being involved in auditing the NSW State Government’s Return and Earn Scheme in the Coffs Harbour Region. This is being coordinated by Landcare Australia, with funding being provided to CHRL for undertaking the work.

Workshops, field days and training

The Executive received reports of two up-coming members’ workshops/field days, including a wind-fencing workshop at Sandy Beach, and a Field day focusing on soils at Woolgoolga in March. The Executive felt that the wind-fencing workshop should be filmed as a resource, with the Chair agreeing to investigate this further.

The Executive also approved a governance workshop for the Executive to ensure that members of the Executive are fully aware of their legal roles and responsibilities.

CHRL twenty-year anniversary

The Executive was reminded that 2018 marked the 20th Anniversary of the formation of the Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare. The Executive agreed to hold an event in May 2018 to mark the occasion, and tasked the Vice President with overseeing the planning for this event.


The Executive reviewed the January finance report, confirming that the organisations current commitments can be met.

Barry Powells

President and Chair Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare Incorporated