The meeting of the 8 November 2017 was attended by all members of the Executive and Landcare staff, and was chaired by the President, Barry Powells.

New Members and Sites

The Executive approved ten new membership applications and 1 new Landcare site. The new Landcare site is at Corindi Beach, and has a very keen group of volunteers ready to get started.

Blueberry Program

Landcare Coordinator, Mel Craig, gave a report to the Executive on the recent NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference. At the conference Ms Craig gave a very well received presentation on “Engaging with Local Blueberry Farmers for Increased Sustainability”. The Executive considers engagement with the blueberry farmers as one of the most significant project areas it is currently undertaking. Funding opportunities to continue this work were discussed, and the lack of funding this year from Coffs Harbour Councils Environmental Levy program was also discussed.


The Executive has tasked a subcommittee with reviewing and refreshing the CHRL’s constitution to ensure that the constitution reflects current legislative requirements. The review will make a number of recommendations to the Executive, with any revisions being taken to a General Meeting in the New Year for approval.

Meeting dates for 2018

Dates for the AGM, General Meetings, and Executive Meetings for 2018 were confirmed and will be published on the website, with an event calendar for 2018 still to be finalised.

National Landcare Program 2

The Executive continued to discuss the changes under the new NLP2 program the focus of which is sustainable agriculture. It will take some time before the implications and impacts on CHRL are fully understood.


The Executive considered potential projects to submit for funding under the latest round of National Landcare Smart Farming Program; and Environment Trust Restoration and Regeneration.


Barry Powells President and Chair Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare Incorporated