A recent aricle in the Conversation (Published: September 6, 2023) highlights eight of the pests and diseases Australia really need to keep out of our country.

The invasion curve shows the cost of managing an incursion at various stages. Prevention is much cheaper than dealing with invaders after they arrive, and early eradication is much cheaper than longer-term containment or control. Invasive Species Council, CC BY-SA

Historically, invasive species that pose a significant risk to agriculture have received more attention than those that threaten our natural environment and biodiversity. However, invasive species include weeds, feral animals, and exotic pests largely responsible for most of Australia’s mammal extinctions, and introduced diseases that have decimated our frogs.

Invasive species are the highest contributing factor  (82%) to Australia’s 1,914 nationally listed threatened species moving closer to extinction.

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Environmental biosecurity risk management in Australia

The National Priority List of Exotic Environmental Pests, Weeds and Diseases