Two large established Pandanus Palms were dug out and stolen from beside the walkway to the beach near the Jetty Dunecare Shed on Jordan Esplanade. 

If you have information about this theft and vandalism which occurred between lockdown and the 14th of September at the Jetty Foreshore please call Crime Stoppers on 1800333000

Jetty Dunecare volunteers have worked for almost 40 years to care for the Jetty Foreshore and were shocked and saddened to discover the large holes in the sand where the Pandanus had been. Dunecare volunteers propagated, planted and nurtured these Pandanus which were over 2meters tall, to enhance the ecological values of the dunes, and for public benefit to beautify the walkway environment. 

This iconic species is very slow growing so have taken over 15years to reach this size and are prized for use in coastal landscaping.

The crime has been reported to the Police and the Police Event Number is E85204180