QuestaGame is on in Coffs Harbour for the whole month of April. 
QuestaGame is a citizen science game that maps biodiversity. Each Council area is competing to see how many sightings, Id’s and species are found.
All you need to do is:
⬇️ Download the QuestaGame app
📱 Start playing by submitting photos of your local flora, fauna or fungi
🏘 Earn points to increase your council’s BioSCORE ranking
The data you collect is shared with the Atlas of Living Australia and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Participate to help protect biodiversity and contribute to a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity. This data assists scientists, policy makers, environmental planners and land managers, industry in decision making.
You can also raise money for correct identification of species. The average value per ID is 5c. You can donate the money raised to your favourite conservation organisation.
Watch the video here
See how Coffs Harbour City Council LGA is comparing to other LGA areas here