CHRL is excited to announce a series of workshops to be held over the next 6 weeks targeting small landholders (2-20ha). Managing large blocks of land can come with it’s challenges particularly when changing to a lifestyle property. Many local properties have been extensively cleared resulting in prolific weed growth where land is not being managed intensively. Management can become even more difficult when steep land is present – a feature of many parts of Coffs Harbour. These workshops aim to provide landholders with some tools and techniques to help them successfully manage their land to ensure good environmental outcomes such as restoring remnant bushland and providing habitat for our local wildlife. 

For more information on each workshop and to register via Sticky tickets please follow the links:

Weed Control Techniques for Small Landholders

Rehabilitating Steep Land to Improve Environmental Outcomes

Native Plant Propagation


These workshops are proudly supported by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust

NSW Government Disaster Relief Grant