The Graceful Swaying Wattle – Wattle Day, September 1, 2022

With the area along the pathway between Sandpiper Crescent and Linden Avenue cleared of Paspalum, Lantana and other weeds, we were now ready to put some diversity back into the all but barren area. Where Paspalum was removed, young natives raisetheir heads, ferns now cover the section where weeds once thrived.

Not long after we commenced work at Linden Lagoon, I was listening to Macca on Australia All Over. He was talking about the demise of Wattle Day, an old celebration of our national emblem. Those of you in my generation will know it well, sprigs of wattle on lapels, bunches in vases on teacher’s desks and the singing of “The Graceful Swaying Wattle” at assembly. It made me think – we don’t celebrate Wattle Day anymore – fewer and fewer wattles are planted in gardens, reserves and parklands.

As we needed some colour and life along the pathway, a path taken by many on their daily walks, we decided to celebrate Wattle Day in our own way.  I ordered a variety of wattles from the Landcare Woolgoolga Nursery. We decided on varieties that flower at different times, so our community could enjoy wattle beauty throughout the year.

First Wattle blooms – Linden Lagoon

Two years later, we have buds on our fledgling trees. This is the first time they have budded and I am looking forward to seeing the colour and bloom masses these graceful trees produce.

Join us this Wattle Day, Thursday, September 1st, and plant varieties on your special patch, so you too can watch them grow and flower, attracting birds and bees, as they visit to relish them too.

Our wattles are also a gift to local residents, something to enjoy with their splash of colour as they walk through the reserve on their way to pick up the paper and a few groceries.

Happy Wattle Day Landcarers, Keep Weeding!

Liz Philpott, Linden Lagoon Group