This project was originally developed as an attempt to salvage some plant material (seeds and cuttings) from the Mackays Rd remnant Lowland Rainforest patch (also known as Grandpa’s Scrub) before it was cleared/impacted upon by the Coffs Harbour Bypass construction. However due to the extraordinary efforts of local community members the entire rainforest remnant was saved from clearing (see The Fight to Save Grandpa’s Scrub).  The project continued however and seed was collected from the Mackays Rd remnant as the opportunity arose over an 8 month period. Seed and cuttings were also collected from a second remnant rainforest site on Spagnolos Rd prior to its removal. The salvaged seeds and cuttings were taken up to CHRL’s Community Nursery and propagated. Overall seed was collected from 22 species with cuttings collected from 24 species. Germination has occurred in 7 species so far (Sept 23). The success of the cuttings is still to be determined as they are still establishing. It is planned that successfully propagated plants will be used to create a buffer around the Mackays Rd remnant or planted back out in other parts of the local landscape to try and retain some of the species and genetic diversity of this endangered Rainforest community. Thanks to CHRL volunteers Dave Wood and Alison King who volunteered many hours working on this project.






An initiative delivered by Coffs Harbour City Council, as part of the Environmental Levy Grants Program