Irrigation workshop on a local blueberry farm

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare has been working with local blueberry farmers on small projects since 2010. This year, there are three different funding sources contributing to the program. These are as follows:

  • Ecological Sustainable Development- Blueberry Engagement Project

Value $ 30,000

Supported by North Coast Local Land Services, through funding from the National Landcare Program.

  • Incentives and training for environmental sustainability in horticulture

Value $25,000

Funded by Coffs Harbour City Council Environmental Levy

  • Local Blueberry Industry Market Segmentation Research to improve the targeting of Behaviour Change tools for Best Practice

Value $ 48,000

Funded by National Landcare Program – Sustainable Agriculture Small Grants

Simon Proust (right) consulting with blueberry grower

With the first two projects Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare is working together with Soil Conservation Consultant Simon Proust and local blueberry growers to develop and implement soil and water management plans for local blueberry farms as well as projects for the recycling of greenhouse irrigation water.



The third project, which is a research project, is led by Geoff Kane. Through interviews with key industry people and growers, he will group grower’s needs and requirements for training in such a way that future extension programs will:

  1.  better reach their targets and
  2.  address those issues that growers are concerned about in such a way that growers find it easier to participate.

This project is a partnership with the NSW Department of Primary Industry.

Project supporters and funding bodies: