Coffs Harbour City Council approved our application to support a part-time coordinator of our Community Nursery for the second time this year. The first year of a funded Nursery Coordinator (Growing Our Future E.L. project 17/18) was very successful for our Community Nursery.

Our nursery is open on Mondays and Thursday mornings, 9 to 12 and  Anastasia Guise has been appointed to the position.
The volunteers and the nursery benefited greatly from the knowledge and experience of the Coordinator in the first year. Propagation processes were streamlined and propagation rates increased to almost 10,000 plants during the year.
With a dedicated Nursery Coordinator, good quality, correctly identified native plants will be distributed to projects restoring local ecological communities. These plants will improve the resilience and integrity of those communities and ensure our natural environment is sustained for the future.