At the end of June 2018 Coffs Harbour City Council approved Environmental Levy funding to Coffs Harbour Landcare for the next 3 years. In acknowledgement of the vital role the work of Landcare volunteers play in the local environment, Council has taken our volunteer support project into its delivery program of Major Strategic Programs/Projects.
This funding allows our Landcare staff to continue to support volunteers, and provides funding for equipping volunteers with tools, PPE and training.
Each year the project provides funding for
–  The day-to-day volunteer and administrative support by Landcare officers;
–  The training of volunteers including targeted on-site training as well as first aid, chemcert etc.
–  Tools and materials such as hand tools, plants and herbicides for volunteers
–  Personal protective equipment such as insect shield coveralls, hats, sunscreen and first aid kits
–  Insurance
–  Bush regeneration contractor support to perform initial weed control/chemical spraying on sites heavily affected with  environmental weeds.

The project has enabled our volunteers to

  • maintain and enhance native vegetation condition
  • control threatening processes (eg. vine weeds) to protect and rehabilitate endangered and threatened species and ecosystems
  • increase habitat connectivity
  • reduce the impacts of environmental weeds
  • monitor and report new weed incursions
  • improve water quality by minimising riparian erosion and reducing nutrient inputs
  • raise awareness and educate the local community on their local environment

The Friends of Coffs Creek Landcare Group is a great example of what has been achieved under this project. This group works 3 days a week along 9 km of the Coffs Creek riparian zone. They carry out rehabilitation works on around 33 ha of remnant bushland providing approximately 3000 volunteer hours per year. This area is a very important asset to the Coffs Harbour community as it contains two endangered ecological communities and many threatened species can be observed along Coffs Creek including a breeding pair of Powerful Owls, breeding Ospreys and koalas. The Coffs Creek walk is a popular recreational facility for walkers and cyclists.

This project is funded by: