The time has come to update our most popular Landcare resource – Weeds of the North Coast of NSW.

The resource requires an update as the legislation has changed to the Biosecurity Act 2015 (replacing the repealed Noxious Weeds Act 1993). The term ‘noxious’ and the class system is no longer used. Weeds are now managed on a priority scale, with regional and state priorities. The Biosecurity Act is tenure neutral, as the responsibilities apply equally to all land holders, whether public or private.

The update of the resource is also an opportunity to collaborate with Local Land Services for an collaborative strategic approach to managing weeds and to ensure that the resource is in alignment with the North Coast Strategic Weed Management Plan (NCSWMP) by including additional emerging and priority weed species in the booklet.

The update of the booklet is essential to ensure the resource is up to date with the relevant legislation and can continue to be utilised by Landcarers and landholders, as well as local Council and NPWS. The community capacity built through this resource will enhance our natural environment and protect our local biodiversity from the threat of weeds, across both public and private land tenures.