The NSW Landcare Program (2019-2023) is a $22.4 million investment co delivered by Landcare NSW and NSW Local Land Services to unlock the potential of the extensive volunteer network and Landcare movement across NSW.

The program employs 12 Regional Landcare Coordinators and 72 Local Landcare Coordinators across NSW. These Coordinators work directly with Landcare groups to enhance their capacity by improving their governance, communication, partnerships and ability to coordinate on ground activities.

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare employs a Local Landcare Coordinators for just under 2 days a week. The CHRL Landcare Coordinator provides support to groups, networks, Landcarers and landholders to participate in natural resource management activities that address critical agricultural sustainability and environmental issues.

Photo: CHRL Local Landcare Coordinator at Display stall at the Orara Valley Fair