The Common Myna (formerly known as the Indian Myna) is a pest bird that was originally introduced to Australia from – you guessed it – India – to control insects in crops. However mynas are able to adapt to a range of conditions and food sources and have become a huge problem across much of Australia including here on the Mid North Coast. Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare’s  Common Myna Control Program is aimed at reducing the population of these pesky birds in Coffs Harbour and to prevent them from spreading into other areas. Funding for the program is Provided by Coffs Harbour City Council’s Environmental Levy.

CHRL are recruiting new Common Myna  trappers. If you would like to have a direct impact on  nature conservation please contact us on . Full training and  equipment is provided under our Common Myna Control Program . You will join a small crew of volunteers who teach people how to trap Common Myna’s. 

Look our project page for more information on our Common Myna Control Program